Integrate Wishlist Member & WooCommerce Quickly & Easily Better Than Any Existing Integration!

Easily create membership products to unlimited number of membership levels and/ or paid posts using the pay-per-post feature and save time & unnecessary integration steps.
Perfect for non-techies!

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We Have Enhanced Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus with Powerful Add-Ons:

Member Registration Add-On

Register customers to any membership level / pay-per-post after completing a WooCommerce product purchase.

Just click to edit your product > Go to the Product Data Meta box > Choose the membership levels and / or pay-per-posts under the "Wishlist Member Registration" tab as seen in the screenshot to your right.

Member Registration Add-On Product Page

Custom Post Type Add-On

Sell custom post types individually using Wishlist Member & WooCommerce platform.

Just enable the relevant custom post types in Wishlist Member, create a membership product using Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus, define the Product Data settings & publish!

Custom Post Type Add-On Sales Page

External Membership Sites Add-Ons Bundle

Sell memberships that are located on a separate domain (different WordPress installation) than your WooCommerce website.

Automatically register members to ANY membership site (one / multiple), and even to 3rd-party sites (joint ventures, for example), after they complete the purchase on your WooCommerce store

The External Membership Products table will be automatically displayed after you install and activate the add-on.

External Membership Sites Add-Ons Bundle Product Page

* Each of the add-ons require Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus plugin


  • Sell Membership Levels as Products

    Create and add products to unlimited number of membership levels in 1-Click by clicking on a simple “Create Product” button

  • Supports Pay Per Post Feature

    Create and add products to unlimited number of posts / pages protected under the pay-per-post feature in 1-Click by clicking on a simple “Create Product” button

  • Allows Automatic Registration after Purchase

    Members will be automatically registered to the website after they complete the purchase in the payment gateway (supports all payment gateways)

  • Supports Recurring Payments

    Sell recurring membership products using WooCommerce (requires WooCommerce subscriptions extension)

  • Membership Products Summary Table

    Get a clear overview of all the products that are defined as membership levels and paid posts/ pages and the ability to edit them from one place using quick links

  • Easy Installation & Configuration in 1-Click

    The installation process is quick and easy just like any other WordPress plugins, and the configuration process is very simple. You can check the complete manual of the product and see for yourself how easy it really is

  • Supports All WooCommerce Payment Gateways

    You can continiue selling your membership products just like any other product on your online store using WooCommerce

  • Ability to Extend the Plugin to Your Needs

    You can extend the plugin and customize it to your needs using special actions & filters

  • Compatible with Existing Products

    Full Compatibility with existing products that was created with Wishlist Member & WooCommerce by WooThemes (there is no need to recreate the product again)

  • Sell Multiple Membership Products Types

    Ability to sell posts, pages and membership levels in one purchase

  • Supports Upgrades

    If an existing customer (not necessarily a member) purchase a membership product, he will be upgraded and the membership products will be assigned to his account automatically

  • Supports External Membership Products

    Sell unlimited number of external membership levels (when your WooCommerce store and Wishlist Member are installed on different WordPress installations) using the “External Membership Sites Add-Ons Bundle


Selling Pay per Posts through WooCommerce

In this video we go over how to create WooCommerce products and assign them to one or more Wishlist Member pay-per-posts quickly and easily

How to Migrate from WooThemes Integration Plugin for Wishlist Member

In this video we go over how to migrate from the "WooCommerce Wishlist Member Integration" plugin by WooThemes to "Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus" in less than a minute

Selling Membership Levels through WooCommerce

In this video we go over how to create WooCommerce products and assign them to one or more Wishlist Member membership levels quickly and easily

Selling Multiple Levels & Pay per Posts through WooCommerce

In this video we go over how to create WooCommerce products and assign them to multiple membership levels and pay-per-posts, so customers can purchase them in one purchase

Integrate Wishlist Member & WooCommerce Quickly and Easily Now!

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Create Membership Products Easily

Creating membership products is easy as clicking a button, actually all you really need is to click a button and a new membership product created inside WooCommerce.

Simple Settings Screens

No complicate settings, all settings arranged in one simple so you don't need to navigate between endless settings screens.

Create Membership Product for Levels, Posts & Pages

No limitations on your membership site product type. You can create membership product both for level, posts and even pages.


  • Allow Visitors to Buy More than One Membership Level

    And create their own combination of levels (decide which levels to add to the cart and buy)

  • Allow Visitors to Buy More than One Pay-Per-Post Content

    Without the need for you to create separate purchase buttons for each pay-per-post content

  • Allow Multiple Purchases of Levels & Individual Posts

    Allow visitors to buy both levels and pay-per-post content in one purchase with no technical issues

  • Enjoy All the Benefits of an eCommerce Store

    Your Wishlist Member membership levels and posts (using pay-per-post) are just like any WooCommerce product

Start Selling Membership Products & Increase Your Revenues Faster!

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In this comparison table you get the complete comparison of "Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus"
& "Wishlist Member Integration" plugin by WooThemes

Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus
(by HappyPlugins)
Wishlist Member WooCommerce Integration
(by WooThemes)
Supports Membership Levels
Supports Pay-per-Post Feature
Partly (Members cannot buy levels and posts in the same purchase)
Easy Installation & Configuration
Create Membership Products in 1-Click
Allows Auto Registration After Completing the Purchase
Support for Recurring Payments
Membership Products Summary Table
Allow Selling External Membership Products


  • q-iconWhat version of WooCommerce plugin I need in order the plugin?

    You will need to use WooCommerce version 2.3

  • q-iconDoes the plugin have any conflicts with other plugins?

    No, Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus is a Wishlist Member dedicated plugin.

  • q-iconIf my WooCommerce Store and Wishlist Member are installed on the exact same domain, will I need to purchase the “External Membership Sites Add-Ons Bundle”?

    If both WooCommerce and Wishlist Member are installed on the exact WordPress installation, you will not need the “External Membership Sites Add-Ons Bundle”, only the main plugin – Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus

  • q-iconIf my WooCommerce store and Wishlist membership site are located on different domains / sub-domains or files, will I still need to purchase the “External Membership Sites Add-Ons Bundle”?

    Yes, because you have 2 different WordPress installations you will need to use the add-on. Examples of different domains are:

    1. & (different domains)

    2. & (different directories)

    3. & (different sub-domains)

  • q-iconCan I Purchase More Licenses of the Remote Access Add-On Separately?

    Yes, if you need to integrate multiple membership sites and you need more licenses (each membership site requires a license), you can purchase them separately in this link >> Purchase Remote Access Add-On

  • q-iconIt sounds complicated to operate the plugin and add-ons to work with an external membership site, where can I find more information on how to integrate it exactly?

    Actually, it is very simple and easy to install and activate all 3 and make them work seamlessly. The process is very quick and requires only 4 simple steps. You can find all the information in our detailed manual in this link

  • q-iconCan I use only the bundle, without the plugin Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus?

    As far as we know, the plugin does not conflict with any other plugin. Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus keeps a very strict code method so the chances that it’s causing any problem are very low. If you have any problems or conflicts, please contact the support department at

  • q-iconDoes the plugin integrate with every membership site platform?

    No, the External Membership Sites & Remote Access Add-Ons are an addition to the main plugin, you must also purchase Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus for the add-ons to work.

  • q-iconI have more questions and I haven’t found my answers, how can I contact you?

    If you haven’t found your answers in the product’s page and in the manual, please contact our support team at and we will get back to you shortly

  • q-iconCan I protect WooCommerce products to be visible by members only using the plugin?

    The purpose of Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus plugin is NOT to protect WooCommerce products to be visible by members only, but to sell membership levels and / or pay-per-post content, while enjoying the advantages of the WooCommerce Platform.

  • q-iconSince WooThemes no longer supports their “WooCommerce Wishlist Member Integration” plugin and I am already using it, how can I move from their plugin to “Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus” smoothly?

    Moving from the WooThemes plugin to Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus” plugin can be done very easily and smoothly, just follow these steps:

    Step #1: Install the “Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus” plugin on your website

    Step #2: Copy the SKU Prefix from the WooThemes plugin by going to WooCommerce menu > Settings > Wishlist Member tab

    Step #3: Paste the SKU Prefix to “Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus” plugin by going to WL Extension menu > Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus > Settings

    Step #4: Deactivate the “WooCommerce Wishlist Member Integration” Plugin by WooThemes

    Once you have changed the SKU Prefix and deactivated the WooThemes plugin the integration will continue to work just as it did before you activated Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus plugin.

    For detailed information about moving from WooThemes plugin to Wishlist Member WooCommerce Plus read our complete instructions, including screenshots, at HappyPlugins Blog

Integrate Wishlist Member & WooCommerce in 1-Click!

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